ShareDisc Social Media Marketing

Do you want to sell more stuff?

Social media is the online equivalent of a word-of-mouth referral.

It's potent stuff. And it works!

With Sharedisc, you can apply that power to sell more. A lot more.

Our easy-to-use app lets shoppers share what they've just bought

from you on their social networks.


Social network marketing

Your customers get a discount.

You get more customers.

Everybody's happy.

Our clients report growing their sales by as much as 100% with Sharedisc.

Your customers will love you for the great discounts they earn when they share their purchases.

Their friends will love you for the great products you sell.

And you'll love us for making it all so easy.

Start selling more now.


How it Works

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How does it work?

By clicking the ShareDisc button, your visitors share with their friends not only the product, but also their personal reason for choosing it.

Why use ShareDisc

To make the most out of the best marketing ever: Social Media marketing. To engage highly targeted public: your buyers' peers.

What's the difference?

The ShareDisc sharing process motivates buyers to add personal input, transforming a regular product share into a social conversation.

Key Features

Easy Setup

Simply download and activate the plugin on your WooCommerce Shop. Follow our step by step guide to setting up your social sharing and you are good to go!

Seemless Social Integration

Let your customers share their purchase with their friends simply and easily. Sharing is currently available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Share & Revenue Tracking

Easily track the ROI on the shares made on your store. Track and analyse which platforms your customers are sharing on and how many customers they refer.

Current Platforms

ShareDisc integrates fully with the following social networks

Linked In