Facebook App Setup Guide

1. Developer Account

You’ll need Facebook developer account to get started. If you don’t have one upgrade your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Developer account now.

Create Developer Account

2. Create new Facebook app

Choose Apps in the header navigation and select Add a New App or use the button below. If prompted to select a platform – choose “Website”


Create new Facebook App

4. Choose a Name

Choose a name for your app and select Create New Facebook App ID. Choose a category for your app.


Select “Utilities” as your app category.


5. Click “Skip Quick Start”


6. Add a Platform

From your App Dashboard click “Settings” in the left hand menu. Then click “Add Platform”.

*If you have selected “Website” in a previous step you can skip this step and go directly to step 7.


Then select “Website”


7. Enter Your Store’s URL

From your App Dashboard click “Settings” in the left hand menu.


Enter your Site URL (your shop’s url), your Contact Email and your App Domain (your shop’s domain name) – then click “Save Changes”

8. Change Your App’s Status

Click “Status & Review” in the left hand menu. Click to set your app’s status to live by setting it to “Yes”.


9. All Done – Get Your App ID

You can get your App ID by clicking on “Settings” in the left hand menu.